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The second-best strategy will also continue to be free and effective for a little longer: install and update Microsoft support Security Essentials. Microsoft announced they will continue to offer it to Windows XP users through July. If you need help employing either of these strategies, seek out a local consultancy like ours to come set them up for you. So if everything is going to keep working, why would anyone want to upgrade to a new operating system? The vast majority of technology consultants has been touting security concerns as the reason to upgrade, but we at drifter Solutions believe that functionality and features are more likely to make you take the plunge. Microsoft Windows XP only supports Internet Explorer up to version 8, but later versions of the operating system support later versions of IE - it's up to version 11 already. You may have noticed that some of the more interactive Websites are already acting sluggish or buggy in IE8. Facebook crashes frequently, for example. Other than upgrading Windows, you could add a third-party browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, but bear in mind that every additional piece of software you install takes up room on your hard drive, which makes your machine operate somewhat less efficiently. New hardware is less and less likely to be supported by Windows XP, so when you upgrade your multi function printer or buy whatever technology of movie player comes out after Blue ray, you may not be able to install it at all, or even if it does install, you may not be able to access all of its features call Microsoft support number. New software will stop being developed for Windows XP, too, so at some point your annual tax-prep package of Turbo Tax or Tax Cut, for example, will not be available in an XP flavor.