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However, these third-party service providers would not only provide devoted Microsoft technical support but also support for above described computing issues. Therefore, these service providers save you from wasting time and money and enhance your computing. If you want someone to help you out over the phone, you could turn to an independent support company that employs several experts who are well-versed with all kinds of technical issues, and after identifying the cause of your issue would start working on fixing it right away by taking remote login access to your computer after seeking your permission to do so. They also charge you a fee, but that is usually low, and would never let you feel the burden of spending much. The calendar, task and email applications of Microsoft support are used by innumerable people across the world for business as well as personal purposes. But facing problems while using Microsoft Outlook is not a rare situation as most of the users are not computer wizards and often find themselves at a loss under such circumstances. Let our self have a look at some of the most common issues that customers come across while using Microsoft Outlook and their believable reasons. Microsoft support refuses to open or respond: There are a number of reasons behind Outlook not opening or responding. It could either be a corrupt file, a major issue with the hardware, lack of regular software updating, or memory that has been eaten up by the other resources of the computer like Word and Excel dial any time Microsoft support number.