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As I mentioned earlier, there is plenty of Microsoft support out there. In fact your Microsoft Office software package come preloaded with Microsoft Help. All you have to do is key in your questions and multiple possible solutions will be thrown up by Microsoft Help. Microsoft support number also provides inbuilt training that walk you through various packages. Microsoft Help is available online at their official website and it provides comprehensive Microsoft Help quickly and easily. Microsoft support is also available 24*7 to you via chat and online tech support forums on the any time. Another feature worth listing here is that you can chat to other Microsoft support users. A sharing of problems often makes it easier to relate to one's concerns. Finally, one of the other advantages of using Microsoft Help at the official website is that their entire range of products is covered and all manner of updates are available in one centralized location. You can have your fun with web casts, pod casts, demos, online training and what have you!However, some of us are not so good with using some of the Microsoft technical support methods I mentioned above. We all use MS Office in some measure, ranging from expertise in all their packages to simple usage of MS word and maybe Excel and the occasional PowerPoint slide. What this also means is there are many users who are not 'Tech Savvy' i.e. the moment some technical jargon; detailed instructions, too much technology appear we throw up our hands in despair! it may not be something that many users are able to use. They find it confusing and complicated.