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The 24/7 live and reditable online Microsoft support not only assures you of a fix for your problems but also the essential "Peace of mind" without costing heavily on your pocket. These support services believe in making claims but in proving that only we can help you. What can be more irritating than not getting the right Microsoft support at the time when you need it the most? The motto of this support services is to let you experience the world-class Microsoft technical support service that guarantees you satisfaction. Online Microsoft technical support providers have a team of certified expert professionals that instantly resolve your issues online and leave you with only comfort and peace of mind. That's not all, some of them offer the lowest-priced service that is far lower than Microsoft Support. It is quite complex and has good amount of built-in support for various Internet applications. But, this makes IE sensitive to a wide range of problems.This web browser might crash, stop working or, close down immediately after being opened. Therefore, you get an error message saying that IE is not working or, has encountered a problem and needs to close. It could be the firewall blocking your Internet connection. This is one of the reasons why this browser stops working. You must ensure that the firewall of your computer system permits IE to get connected to the internet.However, if this doesn't work for you, you can call Microsoft experts for instant resolution. Issues might cope up due to corrupted or, missing system files or, low memory size of Internet Explorer. Viruses and malware might be another reason for slowing down or, non-functioning of IE.Resolve your problems with MS Internet Explorer Support Microsoft IE support helps business as well as personal users in resolving their computer-related issues. This assistance is provided through email or, phone. A host of problems can be addressed through this tech support, right from connection issues and error messages to crashing programs and freezing issues.