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There are a number of organizations that offer technical support services for Microsoft Msn mail but it is important to check if they have the proper credentials or not. The organization that has certified tech support experts will be able to ensure that the problem does not arise again. Microsoft Msn support number in its most staid tradition is always coming up with something new to try and improve the computer and online experiences. The proprietary online service suite of Microsoft, Windows Live is full of improved and totally new features to improve user experience and bring more computer users totally online in their software usage. Msn mail Microsoft's email program, Hotmail, has been around since the earliest days of free email for the public. In the fifteen years or so since its inception, Hotmail has only improved - and it was more than decent to start with. The latest version of Hotmail has a simple interface and includes built-in security features to fight spam and to block viruses and scams. When you sign up with a Msn mail account, you'll have 5 gigabytes of storage to start, and that number can grow if you need it to. MSN messenger, another service offered by Microsoft, is linked through Msn mail so you can easily communicate with your email contacts through chat. Also included with the email program are shared calendars. You can easily set up a calendar for your family, your study group or your special group of friends and easily update them for everyone to see. You can also subscribe to the calendars of your favorite teams or organizations to be sure you never miss a game or meeting. The calendars can be used while you're online or off thanks to the Windows Live Mail desktop application. Msn mail also lets you consolidate all of your email accounts in a central location - including accounts that aren't Msn mail accounts. Organize and sort through all of your emails simultaneously.