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You simply have to follow the email setup wizard's instructions, enter the required details related to your Msn email account and then get going. It's as simple as creating and sending an email to your friend. If you are setting up Windows Msn Mail for the first time call now Microsoft Msn support you will see the email setup wizard automatically coming up to help you with the setup procedure. You just have to inject the required details and that's it. As far as the send/receive errors are concerned, incorrect incoming and outgoing server information is responsible for them. So you must put incorrect email server details including port number and correct name of incoming and outgoing servers to get your emails to going. You can obtain the correct server details and password etc. from your ISP or email service provider. With the launch of Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista, Microsoft transformed most of the things that users were accustomed to in the wake of offering them a better, enhanced experience with its operating systems. Msn and Msn Express, the popular email clients, were among those programs that got a big change with Vista and 7 operating systems. Outlook Express became Windows Mail while Msn was changed to Windows Live Mail. Windows Mail was also finally taken over by Windows Mail, which is the only latest email program in all Windows versions including Windows 8, the forthcoming cult operating system. Like any other revamped, new program, Windows Live Mail has had its share of benefits and problems. In this post, I'm going to discuss Windows Live Mail problems that users may suffer from while using Mail and some of the best-practiced fixes that can cure them. To start with, Windows Live Mail problems may span from and to.