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So you have installed Microsoft live support application software in your Personal computer or laptop and are mighty upbeat about it. Windows 7 are bigger, they can be easily accessed as compared to the previous versions of the Windows operating system. The Start menu, Windows Explorer, and the Windows live Taskbar icons are big enough, to be selected by your finger. Users can use their fingers or any pointing device for arranging the pictures in a folder, or launching the Windows Media player application to play songs. A drastic improvement in the touch technology is the use of the more than one finger for controlling the activities carried out on the screen. For example, if you want to zoom in an image, you can do so by just moving your two fingers apart and for zooming out the image, the reverse procedure of moving your fingers closer together can be adopted. If you want to rotate an image on the desktop screen, just rotate one finger around the another finger. Adding to a list of convenience, Microsoft has not only introduced enhanced features but has also provided you with comprehensive help system. This help and support feature in Windows 7 not only gives you general and detailed information on how to use Windows but also helps you by providing answers from Microsoft on the particular problems you are facing.To open Windows Help and Support window, select Start which is followed by Help and Support. You could always call up the Microsoft online live support by phone. But many a times these software companies offer tech support online too. You just have to go online, click on the link and a person, who purports to be a technical staff, would answer all your queries.