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Msn mail also provides Microsoft Msn Support to those users who are facing issues with their email account. This facility comes in the form of online text-based help but is well-equipped to resolve all types of problem related to emails. If a user wants to get help from this official support page, he just needs to type his problem over there and a list of matching resolutions will be listed in front of him. At times people may not find enough information to resolve all their issues over this page, and this may lead them to search for alternative sources of support.There are several companies available in the industry that can provide you on-call Msn mail Support number. You just need to go online and seek for tech support services, and a list of companies will appear in front of you. These firms have several tech experts who have been providing email support services for several years and thus can resolve all sorts of your issues within a matter of few minutes. You can simply compare the price plans being offered by a few such companies to identify the right one for you as per your need. Now that you have the details of your Msn email profile, create a new one. The Start button and navigate to Control Panel Mail. When in Mail Setup-Msn window Show Profiles. The Add button in the next window. It will take you to the Add New Account dialog box. If you want Msn to automatically create and configure your Msn email profile, fill in the required details like name, email address, and password any issue call now Microsoft Msn support. and hit the Next button. If you want to manually configure the settings, do not fill in anything and just press the button next to Manually configure server settings or additional server types. Hit the Next button to continue. The Internet E-mail button and hit Next. When in the Internet E-mail Settings window, enter the required details like name, email address, correctly (do not misspell) in the relevant fields. Choose your server type from the drop-down arrow beside Account Type. Enter the incoming and outgoing server information, username and password in the relevant fields, and check the Remember Password box.