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The latest in cloud service offering by Microsoft is the addition of SkyDrive. Indeed this purposeful addition is beneficial to a user in storing content and data online. Initially, you need to register for this service online. Remember it is dependent on a Microsoft account. However, you can register with your existing Hotmail or MSN login id or any other e-mail account. Additionally, with the revamping of the Outlook by Microsoft, you can even register with your Outlook id. Granting PermissionsYou have an online option of cloud storage provided to you. Now you have an option to store files and make adjustments as per your convenience. You can adjust the file settings to View and Editor View only or Public access according to the content stored. Microsoft MSN support You can apply the same settings to e-mail message-sharing options as well. If you are keen on keeping an eye on the editing of your shared file then you can make adjustments and add an option of user login for editing a file. This way you will be able to know who logged in recently and made changes.

Adjustments are easy to make in the details pane that is located on the right side. You will be easily able to view the number of users having access to the file and the permissions that they have. Now you can easily make adjustments like disabling or changing permissions in one click. Adding Comment OptionEarlier you were only given the option of sharing a link to a file that could then be downloaded but with the recent changes, you can allow adding comments. Now users who have the right to access your file can add comments to it. Additionally, each comment added by different users would display details like profile pictures. Microsoft MSN support By making changes in the privacy settings, you can choose who can make comments amongst your friend network. This allows in synchronizing. Popup notifications will start appearing the moment any change is made to a document. To view the edited section click saves option and the change will appear highlighted along with the name of the person who edited it. Similarly, when you have the access to Web Apps and PowerPoint App you can make any changes and share it across with chosen users online. MSN IntegrationSkyDrive can be integrated with your MSN account by downloading This can be added as an extension to Chrome or can be added to Firefox. Now you can attach file via SkyDrive to your account on Gmail. Whenever you want to view your files click Share from SkyDrive, you will be able to access them and share them on e-mail. Additionally, you need to remember that the files shared through the drive to the e-mail account are read the only option. Microsoft MSN supports The original copy is still on the drive.


Recycle BinThe best feature is that of keeping a record of total 25 changes that you have made in your document or files on the cloud. The feature of Version History is capable of restoring any version whenever it is necessary. If you are in the habit of saving a lot even then each time Version History will be updated to the latest version. This is all possible with the perfect synchronization of documents. Microsoft MSN support, However, when it comes to the recycle bin the items are only retained for 30 days of time period. Another thing to keep in mind is that as soon as the 10% limit of the recycle bin is exceeded the oldest stored item will be deleted after 3 days.In conclusion to the above-given tips will help you use SkyDrive in the best possible way. With numerous features and added functionality, it is something that comes across a good tool for cloud computing.