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Microsoft security issues Microsoft technical support Virus removal problems Windows performance and slow down issues· Video and audio issuesThese are just some of the common problems your service provider can cover, but the coverage, of course, varies from one support provider to another. The more the provider can handle the better they will be even in covering any future Microsoft technical issues you might face. The live support caters to the needs of individual home users, small business, and IT enterprises and there is a fee for every issue fixed. When looking for a Microsoft technical support provider, consider the charges and guarantee as well as the available packages for the support.

The Windows Genuine Advantage program is a campaign started to discourage the sale of fake related products. Users can determine whether they have genuine versions of windows or not by subjecting their Windows through an online validation test. You can avoid getting nongenuine software by ensuring that you purchase the operating system from a reputable shop. Windows is designed to be used on a single computer and cannot be shared. Sharing it means that the person receiving it is typically operating on a non-genuine system. Most of the instances where a user finds out that they do not own a genuine Windows system are usually when they buy a new computer which comes installed with the software. Unscrupulous dealers install Windows versions that are not genuine and still charge the buyer the same amount as genuine software. Microsoft does provide a new copy of the software to the user in some of these cases.