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Most of the times this official MSN Help services are sufficient for a user but sometimes text assistance is not enough to resolve an issue. One can also send a mail to MSN about his problem and the official team will analyze it and will reply with a resolution within 3-4 business days. At times all of the help services may not work for a user and it may lead him to start seeking for third party on-call assistance. There are numbers of alternate sources available by which you can get on-call Microsoft MSN support. It occurs even if you are not using MSN messenger problem calling Microsoft MSN support number and renders all your precious Entourage database objects inaccessible. In order to gain access to database objects, you must find out the cause of this behavior and perform MS Entourage repair by resolving it. The root of the problem: This behavior of Microsoft Entourage application occurs due to corruption to database problem call now Microsoft Msn support. Corruption can be the outcome of a plenty of reasons, including virus infection, application malfunction, improper system shutdown, file header corruption, and missing Identity. Solution: To sort out this problem, you are required to use Database Utility to rebuild the MSN database. It gives you an option to select affected database and fix the problem. Using this tool, you can perform the following operations:1. Verify database integrity2. Compact Microsoft Entourage storage database.3. Rebuild the database to repair it.4. Set database preferences.If rebuilding the Entourage database cannot fix the issue, you need to repair and restore it using powerful and effective third-party applications, known as Entourage repair software.