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There has definitely been a lot of disapproval increased to Microsoft's web portal MSN. The bone of contention is on reaching the portal's technician's to extend technical support to its users. However, it is possible to get Microsoft MSN support online.The MSN Mail support site lists a number of possible problems and explains how to fix or try to fix them. However, all the help topics require a user to provide their MSN account details and subsequent communication is through email. However, you can optimize your MSN use by learning how to use its functions. Operating on MSN means that you probably have a Windows live, also known as Hotmail, email account. The account enables you to chat with the people on your contact list using the MSN messenger. Now there are times you might want to share a funny picture, video or other media with the person you are chatting with. The process starts with Double clicking on the contact you want to share the file with. You have to be signed in to do this. Above the chat box, there is a share file icon which you are meant to click on. It is usually the animation of a film strip and music note. Thereafter, the program will prompt you to locate the media or document you want to send. The process is complete once your target recipient accepts to receive the media or file and the transfer begins.To add a contact to your MSN messenger, you simply click on the add contact button, which is the animation of a bust with a plus sign on it. You then enter the email address of the contact you want to add and after clicking on the add button, a request is sent to the person for approval.


To use an account on MSN messenger that is not a Hotmail email account involves accessing passport registration page and filling out the form. The password you submit should be a different one from your email's. This is the password that you will use to access the messenger. Thereafter, you log into your account with your old details and save the contacts. Thereafter, when using your new log in details, you will be able to use an account that is not MSN affiliated.

Microsoft support number |+1-888- 746-4361

Microsoft's products and services are known to be quality-based in every aspect and these have also been what have helped the company keep the top slot. Just like its products, Microsoft support number is another unique service that is offered by Microsoft. At times you could experience an issue from Microsoft windows with any of such products or services delivered by this company, and at that time you could rely on such support services to get your issue resolved. Microsoft support services can be availed today through a number of channels. For instance, if you have recently purchased a product or service that is being covered by a warranty, you could call up Microsoft's support phone number to get the issue resolved. If it is not covered by warranty or has run out of it, you could choose to either purchase one to get live support services, or you could make use of online "Self Help" sections on Microsoft's website to resolve the issue on your own.Using such "Self Help" articles is always a recommended medium since these not only help you with the resolution but also educate you about how you could solve it in future should you come across any such issue again. You could also consult some technician living around you if you are not able to solve it by yourself. He would charge you with a fee, but having your issue resolved will not let you regret your decision.


If you want someone to help you out over the phone, you could turn to an independent support company that employs several experts who are well-versed with all kinds of technical issues, and after identifying the cause of your issue would start working on fixing it right away by taking remote login access to your computer after seeking your permission to do so. They also charge you a fee, but that is usually low, and would never let you feel the burden of spending much.You could consult some online reviews to find the most compatible support plan for you, which also lies well within your budget.

Microsoft support phone number |+1-888- 746-4361 toll free number

you can visit Microsoft Support number website. From this website, you can receive latest news about its products; you can download software and Updates for its products, you can search its knowledge base for resolving your query and you can contact a support professional through online, phone or e-mail. You can resolve most of your technical queries related to Microsoft product with the help of its knowledge base. Suppose you want to play games from its Halo series, then you will get much information in this regard. You will receive information about the minimum system requirements for Halo, what to do when any error message appears, how to determine application compatibility with Windows Server 2003 and many others.


Microsoft Help website will provide you the information related to its Microsoft products any issue show call now Microsoft support number. If you are a windows user, then you will get help about how to perform disk error checking, how to troubleshoot startup problems, how to resolve sound problems, how to troubleshoot mail issues, an overview of Remote Assistance, how to configure and use Automatic Updates, and much more. Microsoft Products Microsoft Office contains Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power-Point as basic applications and along with this Access, Info-path, Publisher, One-note, and so are the additional applications. Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft Office Update are the Office web services.

Microsoft msn support| +1-888- 746-4361

The latest in cloud service offering by Microsoft is the addition of SkyDrive. Indeed this purposeful addition is beneficial to a user in storing content and data online. Initially, you need to register for this service online. Remember it is dependent on a Microsoft account. However, you can register with your existing Hotmail or MSN login id or any other e-mail account. Additionally, with the revamping of the Outlook by Microsoft, you can even register with your Outlook id. Granting PermissionsYou have an online option of cloud storage provided to you. Now you have an option to store files and make adjustments as per your convenience. You can adjust the file settings to View and Editor View only or Public access according to the content stored. Microsoft MSN support You can apply the same settings to e-mail message-sharing options as well. If you are keen on keeping an eye on the editing of your shared file then you can make adjustments and add an option of user login for editing a file. This way you will be able to know who logged in recently and made changes.

Adjustments are easy to make in the details pane that is located on the right side. You will be easily able to view the number of users having access to the file and the permissions that they have. Now you can easily make adjustments like disabling or changing permissions in one click. Adding Comment OptionEarlier you were only given the option of sharing a link to a file that could then be downloaded but with the recent changes, you can allow adding comments. Now users who have the right to access your file can add comments to it. Additionally, each comment added by different users would display details like profile pictures. Microsoft MSN support By making changes in the privacy settings, you can choose who can make comments amongst your friend network. This allows in synchronizing. Popup notifications will start appearing the moment any change is made to a document. To view the edited section click saves option and the change will appear highlighted along with the name of the person who edited it. Similarly, when you have the access to Web Apps and PowerPoint App you can make any changes and share it across with chosen users online. MSN IntegrationSkyDrive can be integrated with your MSN account by downloading This can be added as an extension to Chrome or can be added to Firefox. Now you can attach file via SkyDrive to your account on Gmail. Whenever you want to view your files click Share from SkyDrive, you will be able to access them and share them on e-mail. Additionally, you need to remember that the files shared through the drive to the e-mail account are read the only option. Microsoft MSN supports The original copy is still on the drive.


Recycle BinThe best feature is that of keeping a record of total 25 changes that you have made in your document or files on the cloud. The feature of Version History is capable of restoring any version whenever it is necessary. If you are in the habit of saving a lot even then each time Version History will be updated to the latest version. This is all possible with the perfect synchronization of documents. Microsoft MSN support, However, when it comes to the recycle bin the items are only retained for 30 days of time period. Another thing to keep in mind is that as soon as the 10% limit of the recycle bin is exceeded the oldest stored item will be deleted after 3 days.In conclusion to the above-given tips will help you use SkyDrive in the best possible way. With numerous features and added functionality, it is something that comes across a good tool for cloud computing.

Microsoft technical support |+1-888- 746-4361


Microsoft security issues Microsoft technical support Virus removal problems Windows performance and slow down issues· Video and audio issuesThese are just some of the common problems your service provider can cover, but the coverage, of course, varies from one support provider to another. The more the provider can handle the better they will be even in covering any future Microsoft technical issues you might face. The live support caters to the needs of individual home users, small business, and IT enterprises and there is a fee for every issue fixed. When looking for a Microsoft technical support provider, consider the charges and guarantee as well as the available packages for the support.

The Windows Genuine Advantage program is a campaign started to discourage the sale of fake related products. Users can determine whether they have genuine versions of windows or not by subjecting their Windows through an online validation test. You can avoid getting nongenuine software by ensuring that you purchase the operating system from a reputable shop. Windows is designed to be used on a single computer and cannot be shared. Sharing it means that the person receiving it is typically operating on a non-genuine system. Most of the instances where a user finds out that they do not own a genuine Windows system are usually when they buy a new computer which comes installed with the software. Unscrupulous dealers install Windows versions that are not genuine and still charge the buyer the same amount as genuine software. Microsoft does provide a new copy of the software to the user in some of these cases.

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This necessarily instigates users to look for Microsoft support that offer them instant and timely help for all their Outlook problems and save them hours of work and frustration. There are several technical service providers that offer instant and round-the-clock online Microsoft technical support for Outlook users.Their support package might cover all the versions of MS-Outlook; installation, un-installation, or reinstallation of Outlook; updating Outlook; setting up and configuring email account(s); backing up and restoring critical Outlook data; syncing Outlook with Smartphones like iPhone or BlackBerry etc. or webmail accounts; repairing and recovering.pst files, troubleshooting and repairing Outlook errors; and migrating from older to the newer version of Outlook among other services. Microsoft itself provides all of these services to Outlook users. However, those looking for more affordable options can opt for services offered by third party Microsoft technical support companies. Therefore, contemplate your options well before making a decision. You can have a say of your friends, colleagues, or known that are already subscribed to some third-party technical provider for online Microsoft technical support services in your decision.

Most of the technical service providers deliver their services through the internet, remote connection, phone or email in order to ensure that users don't run to and from their place and get their problems resolved immediately and when these arise. It is recommended that you do a thorough research on online Microsoft support number options and choose what matches best your requirements in terms of price, ease of availability, the level of quality etc.

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Microsoft support phone number |+1-888- 746-4361

The first obvious step would be to contact Microsoft support the user where you purchased the Microsoft application from. Microsoft is a standard, reputed company and you can be assured that you would get your problem solved at one of their many outlets. The Internet has taken over our lives so much that we now can get any work done from the comforts of our homes.Microsoft support number You just need to get hold of the company website and contact them via email or phone and get the work done. Same is the case if your applications give you trouble.Microsoft live support You could always call up the technical support by phone. But many times these software companies offer tech support online too. You just have to go online, click on the link and a person, who purports to be a technical staff, would answer all your queries.


To cut down on the peripherals, you need to create an account with your ID. Normally they have a list of general queries and problems that users encounter. If your problem is listed, go ahead and click on the link and you will be taken to an appropriate page and given the right guidance.Microsoft support number If your specific issue is not there on the listed queries, you will be guided to another page where you get to interact live with a technically expert person. Our team available 24/7 chat services are also provided, wherein people from around the globe, who have different time zones can call up to get their issues resolved. There would a number of questions and fill-in boxes that you would have to fill so that the technical help person online could get the exact detail of your location, application, and issue. These services are mainly for the actual customers who have purchased the original Microsoft applications.